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Our goal is to make eating more enjoyable for those who have food allergies and their families. EatAllergyFree is a community website where you can find and share allergy-free recipes, look up and contribute to a list of allergy-free prepared foods, find restaurant allergy menus online, and find other general information about food allergies.

Where It BeganÖ

A couple of years ago we found that our son had an allergic reaction to milk based formula, resulting in hives all over his skin where the milk had touched. We later learned that his severe eczema was directly related to his food allergies as well. He tested positive for milk, egg, peanut, and several treenut allergies. It has been a struggle for our family as we have had to scrutinize every label, completely change our familyís eating habits, and exclude our son from participating in many food-oriented events.

Over the last 3 years we have collected many recipes and learned a lot of helpful tips and information that we wanted to share with other families learning how to live with food allergies. We built this site in hope that other parents or families might benefit from sharing recipes, ideas, and information in a community environment.

Community Environment

Many other food allergy websites are created by one person who has collected a lot of information about allergies and perhaps some recipes that are free of some allergens. Our goal is to provide a forum where we can all share what we have learned together, particularly with recipes or prepared foods. The power of this site is our combined knowledge, so please take a few moments to contribute however you can.

Weíre Not All Vegan or Health Nuts

There are many individuals who choose to eat special diets because of personal preference. Having a food allergy does not allow you to choose what diet you prefer. While there are many cookbooks for the health-conscious, there are very few cookbooks for those who wish to eat more common or mainstream dishes or products but are limited by food allergies. Our hope is that we will create a large enough collection of recipes that you will not need to order special products , attempt to find pricey health food stores, or drastically change your entire familyís diet to accommodate one personís allergies. We welcome all special diet, healthy, or vegan recipes but we strongly encourage everyone to share recipes that would appeal to those who are not under any diet restrictions. is Cost-Free

There are some great food allergy websites available at a cost to the user. is free because we want to provide this service to as many people as possible. We want our site to be reached by those who need it most and we donít want anyone to be deterred by membership fees or obligatory payments. With that in mind, our site does require many hours of our own time and fees that we pay to keep the site up and running. If you feel this site has been of use to you or your family, you are welcome to donate money as you feel appropriate. We will use any donations to cover the cost of maintaining the site. Does the Work For You

The best part of our site is yet to come! One of the most time consuming issues with finding recipes around food allergies is looking through all of the ingredients to see what will work for you. Even if there is a site or a book available excluding one of the food items youíre allergic to, it may contain another allergen as well. In many cases individuals have a combination of food allergies, and these combinations vary from person to person. We are in the process of creating an intelligent site that will automatically show you only the recipes that fit your specific allergies. For example, if you have a combination of egg and milk allergies, you will soon be able to select these as your allergies and the site will automatically remove any recipes containing those ingredients. You donít have to sift through all the recipes! Thatís pretty awesome stuff!
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